The MailChimp for Salesforce integration has several useful features relating to adding contacts to lists.

salesforce-logo-newFirst off, the integration allows users to map Salesforce default/custom field data over to merge tags. This opens up the ability to turn on hourly syncing between field data in the CRM and MailChimp. If field values change in Salesforce, those same values will be reflected in MailChimp – a huge benefit for users who’s data is frequently changing. This helps keep your auto-updating segments up to date in MailChimp.

Also, when the integration is installed, users have the option to upload MailChimp subscribers as Lead records into Salesforce. Optionally, users can enable automatic lead creation so new subscribers are automatically created in the CRM.

Lastly, users will be able to individually manage Subscriber preferences from Contact and Lead page layouts.

The integration includes other features like visibility into subscriber details, campaign details and Campaign Share Reports.