logo11:48 pm Tuesday, April 5th. Laying in bed, restless from the excitement of my 3rd day on my new gig at MailChimp.  My mind, still buzzing with thoughts of Freddie, my new company culture, and questions about eCommerce – what are best practices? How does eCommerce even work in the app? How does ROI reporting work with connected stores? Am I in over my head? Who am I?!

Coming from the B2B digital marketing world, I had lots of questions about B2C marketing that were keeping me up at night. I didn’t know where to start, so I rolled over and did what every mid-30’s adult does before dozing off…I checked my feeds, starting with my personal favorite, Instagram.

Scrolling through pictures of Nation Parks, posted by the US Interior account, photos of babies, and friends doing fun things…which I can only assume were posted to spur intense FOMO. Amongst those distractions was one sponsored video that caught my eye. While I pride myself on resisting irrelevant online ads, and even relevant ones, I took the bait on this one. Invisible reverse suspenders – or I think that’s what they are. Either way, I was suddenly watching a video of a pantless man wearing a dress shirt who was bending in every direction…not typically the kind of videos I watch on the internet. It was an ad from Bluora, an online “e-tailer” that has “designed our products and customer experience to be as easy and fun as possible.” While I didn’t have an immediate needs for a clothing accessory that keeps dress shirts tucked in regardless of your level of activity, I did see this as the perfect opportunity to analyze and dissect an e-commerce buying experience.

It’s hard to miss, the big blue bar at the bottom of the Instagram video that appeared – “Shop Now.” Well, “that’s obvious,” I thought. I tapped the very clear call to action. The next thing I knew, I had a pair of “Hidden Suspenders” in my shopping cart. My next thought, “that was easy.” I rolled back over and started thinking about going to sleep; it was 11:50 pm and I had another action-packed day of onboarding ahead of me – aside from that, I didn’t feel inclined to leave the bed and grab my credit cards from my wallet, which was across the house in my living room. I was getting comfy. Alas, Bluora knew how to tear down all of the barriers between my need for sleep and buying those awesome suspenders. They gave me an option to pay with PayPal – no credit card needed! “Okay, this is too easy,” I thought. Intrigued by the buying experience, I logged in to PayPal and made the purchase. Seconds later, my phone vibrated. An email. At this point, I was on to the clever marketers at Bluora. Reducing any anxiety that I might have had after making the purchase, they sent me a friendly confirmation email. “Okay, now it’s time to hit the hey.”

Boom. Impression to conversion in less than 3 minutes. I was impressed and educated. In that short span of time there I must have made upwards of 60 “micro-decisions.” I could tell that the folks at Bluora did their research, and spent time carefully crafting a customer-first buying experience.

Now I’m looking forward. What kinds of emails will I receive from Bluora next week? Will they give me a special offer, will they promote similar items? Time will tell, but I can safely say that they’ve helped me start my customer journey off on the right foot.